Votes have now been counted!

Since 2009 our stores have each selected a Local Charity of the Year to partner with and with your support we've now raised over £11 million. This can really make a big difference to local charities at the heart of the communities where we live and work.


So why do we do it?

At Sainsbury's we want to make as big an impact as possible in our local communities. So every year we work together with our customers and colleagues to support a local cause at the heart of the local community. These are holistic parnerships that last for the whole year and include a range of support such as awareness-raising and fundraising in-store, volunteering and donations.

How it works?

  1. Store nominations

    Each store will nominate a longlist of local charities that benefit their community. If you would like a specific charity to be considered, please speak to your local Store Manager.

  2. Meet and greet

    Longlisted charities will be invited in to present to the store. The store will then decide on a final shortlist of up to three local charities.

  3. Public vote

    Each store will announce their three shortlisted charities for you to vote for, both in store and online through the site.

  4. The selected charity

    Once votes have been counted, we will announce the winning charity for each store on this site.